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In the spirit of crowdfunding – where like-minded people join forces to pool funds for worthwhile causes – we believe that together we can make a difference, hence the idea of the Fridayfunding Crowd!

The Friday Media Group has vast reach –  380  employees, thousands of business clients, hundreds of suppliers and business partners, and over 12 million visitors to our 90 websites every  month. That’s a big crowd and a lot of people power, so together we can become a real force for good!

We welcome everyone’s contribution – our staff, businesses, individuals, and all types of organisations. So why not join the Fridayfunding Crowd? Together we really can make a difference.

What will the Fridayfunding Crowd do?

Working with our partners, we aim to raise funds and deliver! We will support great causes – passionately championing the issues that matter.

So we will be getting involved in a whole host of fundraising projects, campaigns and events, and we invite everyone to join us.

What will business partners get out of their involvement?

Quite simply, good actions are very good for business. As well as changing the lives of those in need, there are many rewards for joining the Fridayfunding Crowd. Businesses who share our vision and participate alongside us will certainly be in very good company!