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Kamikaze run Pippingford

What possessed a team of normally quite sensible colleagues from Friday Media Group to spend a beautiful Sunday morning in May grappling with barbed wire and crawling through mud?

Chris Beaumont, Paul Scrivens and Nicola Cowles as well as Nicola’s boyfriend Chris Long (all pictured above) signed up for the Kamikaze Adventure Run which took place at Pippingford Park in the Ashdown Forest, East Sussex on 18th May, generously paying for the pleasure of the gruelling run, and supporting a host of charities by giving up their leisure time.

Kamikaze Run Pippingford 2014 Friday Media Group

“I fancied doing something challenging but fun,” says Paul, who is a Divisional Director for Friday Media Group. “I always look on with a bit of envy when I see others doing this kind of stuff. The fact it supported a charity and was an opportunity to have some banter with colleagues sealed the deal.”

Chris who is Field Sales Manager at Friday Media Group said: “It looked like fun, and I was bullied into it!” Super fit Nicola, who is a Senior Sales Executive for www.boatsandoutboards.co.uk said: “Oh I do this kind of thing most weekends!”

Friday Media Group Foundation Pippingford Park offers the crazy Kamikaze runner a really challenging gradient to overcome with hillocks and valleys testing legs to the limits.

To complement the natural features the course designers have added many outrageous obstacles including barbed wire , tunnels, ramps and muddy ditches– all to test fitness, nerve and determination!

So guys, what was it like taking part?

Paul thought the best bit was the first dunk in the river. “It was bizarre but exhilarating jumping into freezing water on a sunny day while still wearing your trainers and socks!”

Worst bit? “Seeing the hardcore ‘pony tailed’ Kamikaze elite doing one handed press-ups at the start line and wondering what the hell I’d got myself into!”

Chris said: “Ashdown Forest is a lovely setting for the run. It was great fun and I’d do it again. The best moment for me was reaching the finish line – a sense of achievement. On the downside, wading through a freezing cold muddy lake wasn’t much fun!”kamikaze 033

Nicola enjoyed the challenge and the team aspect. “As a team we helped each other to get to the Finish Line and over the obstacles. It was hilarious, and a really tough, testing run. I ached all over the next day, but loved every minute.”

We’re relieved to say that the intrepid Friday Media Group team successfully completed the course with no injuries worth mentioning. They concluded that it was an exhilarating, memorable day. “Gorgeous weather, beautiful scenery, great cause, and a healthy sense of achievement shared with some brilliant people,” said Paul.

Friday Media Group Foundation Kamikaze Run 2014

Still smiling: The Friday Media Group team at the Finish Line!


About the Kamikaze Adventure Run

The ‘Kamikaze Final Sortie’ took place on the 18th May 2014, Pippingford Park, East Sussex. The race saw hundreds of crazy runners throw themselves against hills, bogs, rivers and obstacles. Many entrants complete the adventure run for charity and others do it for reasons known only to themselves!

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