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Delete Blood Cancer UK & Friday Media Group Foundation

Friday Media Group Foundation has teamed with the charity Delete Blood Cancer UK in a project that aims to boost awareness of the Blood Stem Cell Registry.

We hosted a recruitment event on September 17  2014 at our Sayers Common office, and 38 members of staff signed up to the registry. Delete Blood Cancer UK came in to tell us all about the registry, and to help people fill in forms and carry out a simple cheek swab to collect DNA.

You can view photos from the day here.

We’re delighted to say that a member of staff was contacted in early 2016 as a match for someone suffering from blood cancer. Our colleague has successfully undergone the stem cell donation process – a wonderful outcome from our involvement with this charity!



Margo’s story inspired us to take action!

Margot JaegerMargot Jaeger, an Account Manager at Friday Media Group, donated stem cells a few years ago to save the life of a sufferer of blood cancer, and she is now aiming to encourage more people to sign up to the blood stem cell register. See Margot’s story here.

Friday Media Group has been so inspired by Margot’s story that it has teamed with leading charity Delete Blood Cancer UK to help promote her campaign.

Friday Media Group’s own charitable foundation, the Friday Media Group Foundation is driving this forward, and is now working directly with Delete Blood Cancer UK to raise awareness of the blood stem cell registry.

Visit Margot’s Total Giving Page http://www.totalgiving.co.uk/mypage/deletebloodcancer

Visit Delete Blood Cancer UK website


What is the Blood Stem Cell Registry?

Thousands of people with blood cancer need a blood stem cell donation to stay alive. The blood stem cell registry will be searched to find someone with a matching tissue-type who could donate some of their blood stem cells to them.

Unfortunately less than half of these searches will be successful.

Everyone who registers as a potential blood stem cell donor increases their chances of finding a lifesaving match. Another colleague Andy West tells his story here.