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Sussex Heart Charity

The Sussex Heart Charity is a fantastic organisation that supports care of the heart throughout Sussex.

It was formed in 1987 and provides funding for equipment, education and research. The Charity also supports Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation and delivers community resuscitation courses across the whole of Sussex. Over 130,000 members of the public have attended community resuscitation training over the past 20 years.

Here is some of the work carried out by the Sussex Heart Charity:

Community Resuscitation Training

The Community Resuscitation programme teaches members of community how to deal with an emergency situation by carrying out Emergency Life Support. To date, The Sussex Heart Charity has trained over 130,000 members of the public. With the continuing growth of Automated Defibrillators within the community, much of this training relates to instructing people in their use. The scheme remains at the forefront of national interest.

The Sussex Cardiac Center

Opened in June 1999, the Cardiac Centre is now in full swing. It runs a brisk programme of catheter tests and treatments offering the most modern techniques for cardiac surgery in adults. Around 750 operations are now carried out in Brighton each year. Cardiologists from all over Sussex now take part in the Centre’s work making it a hub of expertise and providing leading edge facilities for heart patients throughout the county. The Sussex Heart Charity has made a major contribution to the Centre’s development.

Purchasing equipment

The total spent on equipment since 1987 is £2,500,000! Much of this equipment is now computer based and therefore will be in need of upgrading in the near future. Unfortunately the NHS is often unable to fund this part of the service. This is an area where the Sussex Heart Charity will be of great benefit for patients in the future. As well as major purchases we also purchase many smaller items.

doctors Sussex Heart CharityResearch

The Cardiology Research Unit in Brighton has been at the centre of research for many years carrying out vital research and audit projects which will help improve survival and quality of life for cardiac patients for many years to come. The Sussex Heart Charity helps them to do this by providing support for equipment and by funding Research Staff to help on these projects.

The importance of community support

We have received a tremendous amount of support in the past from members of the community, in particular, cardiac patients and their families. This support can vary from small donations, income from fundraising events or from bequests. But we desperately need your help to enable us to continue with this valuable work.

Want to get involved?

If you would like to know more about future fundraising activities of the Sussex Heart Foundation or would like to make a donation please visit the website at http://www.sussexheartcharity.org/

Your support will enable this great charity to continue to bring the best care possible to cardiac patients and their families in Sussex.