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The awful reality of cancer is that it can strike at any time, putting lives on hold and causing families a great deal of pain and worry. Progress is being made in research to come up with new treatments, and in many cases people recover from cancer today. Our campaign with Delete Blood Cancer UK is all about adding names to the all–important blood stem cell registry that helps cancer sufferers find blood stem cell donors, urgently needed for their treatment.

Our own Andy West, a data feed developer at Friday Media Group, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma ten years ago when he was just 21, and battled the blood cancer (which attacks the lymph system) for over 6 months.

Thankfully Andy responded well to chemotherapy and radiotherapy and was given the all clear after this treatment. “But at the time I underwent extensive testing to see if the cancer had entered my bone marrow, and if that had been the case I may have needed a blood stem cell donation to get me through,” says Andy. “I can’t stress enough how valuable it is for the registry to grow, so that survival rates can improve. It’s often about education, so it’s fantastic that Friday Media Group is getting involved and hosting the Delete Blood Cancer UK recruitment day.”

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