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Dog walking and befriending reptiles was on the agenda for a team of seven staff from the Sayers Common office of Friday Media Group last November.

The animal-loving group spent a half-day at the RSPCA in Patcham, near Brighton, and learnt a lot about animal care and the valuable work of this amazing organisation. The day was instigated by Laura Waite, SEO Manager for Leadspring.co.uk, and she was joined by Adam Nye, Carla Wye, Pete Roberts, Anna Busby, Nicky Wilmshurst and Claudia Herbert.

The team worked hard but gained a lot from the experience. They helped out clearing leaves from the cattery alley, cleaning the cages in the reptile centre, walking dogs, pricing up animal products in the RSPCA shop, and helping to stock check animal medicine. Another important part of the day was paying attention to lonely animals, making sure they had some company and contact.

RSPCA day Friday Media GroupLaura Waite, SEO Manager for Leadspring.co.uk says: “We all really enjoyed the day and Adam and I got particularly close to two dogs named Morris and Buster. Morris’s previous owners had cut his tail off so that the incision was too close to the bone. This meant he had ongoing problems but was extremely happy and cute considering what he had been through.”

The RSPCA always welcomes people who are willing to give some time to help out with the animals they are sheltering. You’ll be involved in dog walking and taking care of other animals from cats and rabbits to snakes and lizards, so if you’re comfortable with animals, and interested in volunteering or donating get in touch!

Friday Media Group RSPCA DayAnn Bolton, Volunteers Co-ordinator at Brighton RSPCA said: “We were very grateful to Laura and her colleagues at Friday Media Group, who kindly came to volunteer here at RSPCA Brighton for a day in November. We kept them very busy with some quite dirty jobs which they undertook with cheerfulness and enthusiasm! They were then rewarded with some more fun ‘animal hands on’ jobs!”

She added: “The group was a pleasure to have and we really appreciate the support that companies like Friday Media Group give to charities such as ours. We are entirely self funding and receive no financial support from RSPCA headquarters. We therefore rely heavily on volunteers to help us in the work we do: rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing a huge variety of animals from the smallest hamster to the largest dog.

I hope Laura and her colleagues enjoyed their day here and we would welcome more of your staff any time!”

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